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I am beginning to find myself so “busy” doing things “around” my job, that i am losing the passion i had for my job. Teaching is what i do, but it is beginning to be so busy doing the “administrative” part of my job that it is negatively effecting me teaching and wanting to teach. this is scary because i rearranged my entire career around this. It is kind of like in the church when we get so busy “doing” ministry that we fail to minister.

be still and know that i am god comes to mind. i need to learn that in all aspects of life. ESPECIALLY at home. just chill do NOTHING, just hang with the fam. i need to learn that. we as a family need to learn that. a kind word turns away wrath.

i read this morning that god worshippers become god friends, and god communes with them–has a RELATIOSHIP….god is love….the fruit of the spirit-patience, kindness….he is the peace that passes all understanding… so lets extrapolate this….with god comes peace, evident in MY fruit. so if patience, kindess, love etc are not evident. is my relationship where it needs to be? am i not communicating with him as a friend would, am i not worshipping him as i should.

renew your mind by the reading of the word. hmmm i need that.

i had a fitfull sleeping night the other night. one where i really needed to pray the scriptures but i just could not recall any. i could not recall any because my mind had not been continually renewed by reading it regularly therefore i was not communing, worshipping, having patience, kindness…peace.

hmmm…. interesting …. he is bigger than any of that….. i need to understand that and humble myself in his sight and he will lift me up. seek him first and all the other stuff will fall in line according to his will…..

hmmm…. good night

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